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    Three Myths about Assisted Living

    There are many things to consider when searching for an Assisted Living Community. You want to choose the community that best fits your wants and needs. Here are three myths about Assisted Living that will help you in your decision making process.Myth: Assisted Living is expensive and there is an entrance fee.Reality: There is no entrance fee if you move directly into an assisted living or memory care community with MRC.   Read More

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    Flexing Your Brain Muscles: Five things you should do every day to stay sharp

    As you age, you focus on keeping yourself healthy. Many times this means practicing physical fitness and eating healthy. Do you remember to exercise your brain as well?Get physical exercise.   Read More

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    What Does it Cost?

    What does it cost? The real costs of moving into a Retirement Community.Congratulations, you have finally made it- it’s time to enjoy retirement! Could moving to a retirement community be the right fit for you?   Read More

  • Fellowship, Faith and Friends -- Why Church Involvement is Critical for Senior Adults

    When I was a young girl, I went to church with my parents, but I didn’t really understand the spiritual part of why I was there. As a young adult, I went to church, but it wasn’t every week. And when I started having my children, I went because that is just what parents are supposed to do.   Read More

  • Nutrition: An Important Part of Your Aging Story

    As a senior, it is important to maintain a positive nutritional routine to promote good health and overall positive wellbeing. As one ages, there are many factors that lead to a decrease in nutrition, including: social isolation, illness, and changing taste buds. Poor nutrition in seniors can lead to increased falls, infection, and further social isolation.How can this nutritional decline be prevented?You can write your own aging story!   Read More

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