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  • Three Reasons Why Moving out of My Home was the Right Thing for Me

    The Langford’s Writers Club spent time penning the benefits that come from making the move from their home to a community and why it was the best decision for them. Three key reasons were mentioned time and time again by residents. Here is why moving out of their home and into a senior community was the right thing for them: The move is a gift to your children, and your family.You receive a speedy response from the maintenance team when repairs or home maintenance is needed.   Read More

  • What should you expect when you move to a senior community?

    Thoughts Developed During our Experience at “The Langford”A person or couple should downsize and move to a retirement community while they are still healthy and able to make their own decisions. Moving is difficult after you are more than 75 years old and earlier if you are disabled or in poor health. You should not burden your children or relatives with the responsibility to handle the problems of moving you later, which likely will interrupt their business or family lives for many months or ye...  Read More

  • Coping with Caregiver Stress

    When a loved one has cared for you for so long, there is no question that you want to return that same compassion and security back to them. However, acting as a caregiver may also bring about stress.Caregiver stress may present as:Frequent headaches or body painBecoming irritated or upset quicklyFeeling overwhelmed or always worryingFeeling tired, possibly from too much or too little sleepCaregiver stress can lead to depression, anxiety, or burnout, but there are ways to combat this stress.Take...  Read More

  • Not-for-Profit vs For-Profit Difference

    When searching for a senior living community, there are a few key features to consider. One characteristic that is important to look into is whether the company is a Not-for-Profit or a For-Profit organization.The Langford at College Station What makes up the Not-for-Profit Difference?PromiseNot-for-Profit Communities have a promise in their board. Their board of volunteers promises to hold the company accountable, without any compensation.   Read More

  • Happy New Residents at The Langford

    With a New Year beginning for each of our residents in their new homes at The Langford, we take a look back on some of their favorite memories from 2018! Residents are enjoying a maintenance free lifestyle filled with new friends, new experiences, and satisfaction with their move into The Langford.“My very special memories of 2018 at The Langford are of the friends I have made and the very special staff who have been like my second family. Best wishes to all for 2019!” Love, JanetJoan mentions w...  Read More

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