Stories of life

Stories of life.

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Listening to residents talk about the retirement lifestyle at The Langford at College Station is one of the best ways to get to know this senior living community. What’s even better? Schedule a visit, and meet the residents face to face.

Peter and Inge Schmiediche

“It has been said we need to surround ourselves with kind, Godly, happy, thoughtful, caring people. Welcome to The Langford! I love talking about The Langford because I want others to have what I have in my “golden years.” When I come downstairs from my home for meals, I love hearing the laughter of the residents in our lovely dining area. We select food from a very large menu. Our Chef is outstanding and has hired great cooks. We have wonderful servers who take our orders. We have a calendar for each month and a wonderful lady who selects our outside entertainment as well as Howdy Hours with drink and delicious snacks. I moved here from El Paso the first week The Langford was open in June of 2018. Best move I ever made! It just keeps getting better and better.”

- Barbara Landers, resident
Peter and Inge Schmiediche

We’re originally from Germany and came to live in College Station, Texas, exactly 10 years ago. Our son and his family, who’ve been living in College Station for more than 25 years, are the major reason for our move here. When we got here, we were in our late 60s and still fit, healthy and active. We purchased a townhouse, which has served us very well in these 10 years. When we reached our mid-70s, we began to realize that the years are rapidly catching up with us and began to think about alternative age-related living arrangements. A few years ago, a friend of ours moved into the Arbor Oaks Retirement Community in Bryan, Texas. When we visited her, we were so impressed with this facility that we called it a “paradise for seniors” and thought that something like this would be a very nice solution for our own remaining years. Then someone told us about plans for The Langford. We started to gather information and finally decided that The Langford would be the right place for us. We’ve since been involved in all phases of planning, picking our type of flat, requesting some changes to the standard interior and attending all the events the truly excellent MRC team has organized. We’re looking forward to moving into The Langford sooner rather than later.

- Peter and Inge Schmiediche, residents
Joyce Roach

I just think it’s warm and open. College Station is just a wonderful place. People are very friendly and honest. I think this is the friendliest place I’ve ever lived. Aggies are wonderful! We were going to build a house, and we looked all over town. We finally decided what we were going to do, and The Langford came up. And I thought that we’re old to be building a big house because we don’t need a big house. The Langford was exactly what we needed. Part of it is that you need to consider your children. If something happened to you, it would be a lot easier on your children if you’ve already gotten rid of so much of your junk you don’t need anymore – you know you can’t take it with you! To me, it’s going to be a wonderful place. We couldn’t have made a better decision.

- Joyce Roach, resident
Lou Ellen Ruesink

We’ve lived here since ’67, and we know probably one-third to one-half of the people moving to The Langford, so it’s a very comfortable move for us. We really look forward to downsizing and helping our children plan for the future. We’re doing this for our children as much as we are for ourselves.

- Lou Ellen Ruesink, resident
Dave Ruesink

When they had some of their parties for The Langford, we were surprised at how many people we already know who are part of the new group that will be formed here at The Langford. We needed something like Arbor Oaks in College Station. When it became available, there was no question about it. That’s what we’re going to do. We’d been talking about this type of a retirement center and the need for it for a long time.

- Dave Ruesink, resident

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