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Independent living Plan sensibly


What would you like in this great chapter of your life? Do you dream of back-breaking yard work and a never ending list of home repairs? Not likely! How about exchanging those chores for more time with family, traveling, crafts, volunteering or more time for working out. Wherever you’re headed and whatever you want, The Langford offers you Independent Living that allows you to fully embrace your freedoms and achieve all you dream of.


Many seniors wish nothing more than to cling to their independence. So what does that really mean? Think about it…how independent are you really when you can’t travel because you have to maintain the watering schedule for the lawn or you can’t go see the movie with friends because you are waiting on the plumber? You have to cut time with family short so that your to-do list gets managed. You spend your days laboring over cooking, cleaning and coordinating repairs. Who is really in charge? You or your home? It sounds like your house may be calling all of the shots and dictating what should be the best years of your life. Sick of it? Of course you are! That’s why more and more seniors in College Station are choosing to redefine this idea of independence at The Langford. For them, it’s all about being free from worry. No more home maintenance, no more yard work, and no more worries about the future. No matter what lies ahead, they’ve got a smart plan that includes the continuum of care with lifetime discounts on Assisted Living, Memory Support, and Skilled Nursing. Don’t get trapped into accepting this false sense of independence when your day revolves around a house you own (or does your house own you?). The Langford is rewriting the book on true independence, come live out your next chapter with us in Independent Living!

Independent Living College Station Texas


Independent living triple-duty

First and foremost, your entrance deposit delivers The Langford’s uniquely designed and spacious apartments, which seem more like condo-style flats, and a culture crafted for active adults. Second, your mostly refundable deposit means you or your estate can smartly claim a degree of estate protection. And finally – and here’s the big one – your entrance deposit secures your lifetime discount and priority access to health services, including Assisted Living and Memory Support at The Langford and Skilled Nursing at Crestview, our sister community in Bryan. Your future is, therefore, secure, and your Independent Living lifestyle is all yours. As an entrance-deposit-paying resident moving from Independent Living into another level of living, you’ll get discounts that make you glad you never fell for that rental senior living idea:

  • Assisted Living – 10%
  • Memory Care – 15%
  • Skilled Nursing – 20%

Condo-style flats

Bigger than you might expect and uncrowded, with only 6 residences per floor. Examine and imagine:

1 Bedroom, 1.5 Bath with Den
1,000 Square Feet
2 Bedroom, 2 Bath
1,150 Square Feet
2 Bedroom, 2 Bath
1,300 Square Feet
2 Bedroom, 2.5 Bath with Den
1,450 Square Feet


Make choices. Take chances. Live free! Take a look at everything we offer – or drop us a note and we can start a conversation about Independent Living in College Station, TX.

Independent Living FAQs

 If I can stay in my home, why would I need Independent Living?
 Will I have a voice in my community?
 Why can’t I just rent this?
 Can my grandchildren, family and friends visit?

To find out more about what makes Independent Living at The Langford stand apart from other retirement communities in College Station, TX, contact us.

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