Body & soul.

Let’s talk oatmeal

Let’s talk oatmeal.

Let’s not. Because we’ve got a great big better idea for senior wellness than a daily bowl of oats. Consider astonishingly easy access to a social network, fitness studio, fitness classes, well-prepared and nutritious meals and enriching and educational programs and activities. Consider also how healthy living goes beyond the wellness checklist to an entire lifestyle of healthy choices. After all, while your life in the family home is rich and wonderful, the simplicity with which you can fill your life with more opportunities at The Langford – well, that’ll be a big and beautiful change. Even if you stick with the steel cut oats for breakfast.

It’s easier being well here.

We pack our activity calendar for healthy aging and personal growth. You can keep after your personal agenda, including your hobbies and pastimes. But you’ll also find ways galore to engage with new friends on new adventures, including:

  • Bible studies, chapel services and interfaith gatherings
  • Gardening
  • Lectures and study groups
  • Quiet library groups
  • Scheduled transportation for shopping, appointments and entertainment

Wellness is balance.

Where you’ve balanced family, career, spirituality and social life before, it’s still the same … and better. At The Langford, we offer a senior wellness lifestyle designed to keep the equilibrium in your physical, mental and spiritual fitness. Sound on the level? Drop us a note, and find out how our senior wellness programs can become your healthy living lifestyle.

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