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What’s good about rehab is your recovery.

It’s all you want, really, after surgery, injury or illness: a quick rebound that gets you back to the life you knew. When it comes to senior rehabilitation services in College Station, TX, residents at The Langford can receive short-term rehabilitation and outpatient rehabilitation services at Crestview. Crestview has one of the highest CMS ratings around, plus a long-standing reputation for exceptional care. The dedicated rehabilitation services within the skilled nursing community are staffed with exceptional professionals who grasp the emotional, cognitive, social and spiritual challenges of recovery. They’ll personalize a plan to your needs and help you get back on your feet fast.

Injury, surgery, illness and now what?

Rehabilitation gets between whatever went wrong and your return to full speed. Crestview specializes in the 5 therapies that hasten recovery:

  1. Physical therapy fortifies strength, mobility and balance.
  2. Occupational therapy ratchets up performance factors for the everyday tasks.
  3. Speech therapy improves eating and swallowing skills, plus spoken communication.
  4. IV therapy quickly and efficiently delivers large doses of antibiotics on target.
  5. Wound care optimizes healing.

Our specialists are special.

Our medical director oversees residents’ medical care. Staff includes registered nurses, nurse practitioners and a host of certified specialists. You’ll find:

  • Full-time rehabilitation specialists
  • Speech, occupational and physical therapies
  • Personalized plans with progress monitoring
  • A dedicated rehabilitation gym
  • State-of-the-art rehabilitation equipment
  • Available long-term rehabilitation

Your goal is our goal.

For you to regain your strength and independence as quickly and thoroughly as possible is our rehab team’s goal from the beginning. And we never forget that you’re the most important member of the team.

  • Comfortable, personalized bedrooms, private or companion suites
  • Exceptional dining services offering 3 meals per day
  • Recreational, social and spiritual activities to promote whole-person wellness
  • Spiritual care for various denominations provided by an on-site campus chaplain

Get better for less.

We offer every entrance deposit-paying independent living resident lifetime priority access to Rehabilitation at Crestview at a rate discounted 20%. To find out more about senior rehabilitation services in College Station, TX, including answers to specific questions, contact us.

Rehabilitation FAQs.

In Crestview’s Skilled Nursing, which provides Rehabilitation for residents of The Langford, 5 therapies are available for short-term Rehabilitation. Physical therapy helps you regain strength, mobility and balance. Occupational therapy can improve the ability to perform everyday tasks. And speech therapy enhances communication and eating or swallowing skills. Two additional therapies are specialties not commonly found in Rehabilitation services: IV therapy to speed antibiotics to the point of need, and wound care to accelerate healing.

Treatment plans are individualized to conditions and specific needs, based on medical certification by your doctor. The therapy team recommends a schedule of services after reviewing your treatment plan. It wouldn’t be unusual for a healthy 64-year-old woman to have an hour of physical and occupational therapy 6 times per week, for 3 weeks after her hip surgery. But a less healthy 88-year-old man recovering from the same surgery, with complications, might recover much more slowly. For him, a schedule of 20 minutes per day, on alternating days if he gets too tired, may be more appropriate. Count on this: Your specialists will work closely with the most important person on the team: you.

Following surgery, accident or illness, when you need senior rehabilitation services in College Station, TX, get in touch with us at The Langford.