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Caregivers, take heart.

While Alzheimer’s and other forms of age-related dementia are the afflictions of our time, the good news about Memory Support is what we now know and what we’re learning more about: how to forestall, maintain and elicit brain strength – and how best to care for each unique resident. For memory care in College Station, TX, family caregivers can turn to The Langford, reassured by our capabilities and genuine commitment to their loved ones.

Personal engagement.

With individualized plans for care and led by a licensed nurse, our full-time professional certified staff personally engages with every Memory Support resident. We offer:

  • Planned activities and events that encourage engagement and connection
  • Warm setting, expertly designed for easy navigation
  • 24/7 assistance response

Better days.

We aim to make every day a good day for each resident, because even within the Memory Support neighborhood, we still advocate for, support and enable a healthy living lifestyle. You can expect a comfortable, homelike setting designed for easy navigation with plenty of natural light, plus:

  • Private 1-bedroom, 1-bath suites
  • Three chef-prepared meals daily
  • Memory garden, a safe and secure space with open access to Memory Support residents

Hand in Hand Training.

Evident in programs and activities that help residents through the day with less strain and more joy, Hand in Hand Training – the CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) program –equips our staff with the ability to assist each resident.

  • Staff members respect residents’ dignity, increasing their self-esteem
  • Staff training includes how-tos of resident interaction, reducing behavior concerns and controlling medication needs
  • Staff members learn each resident’s history and incorporate the knowledge into daily life
  • Families can track their loved one’s progress via regular reviews
  • Support groups connect families to share concerns
  • Residents’ improvements in sleep, nutrition and hydration can often improve relations with family members


Music helps people who have Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia reconnect with their worlds. It calms the chaos of brain activity and sharpens focus. Consequently, the Music & Memory program is a key component of our Memory Support program. Plus, residents love it.


This is a big decision and you want to make the right one. The first step is to start a confidential conversation with our team. You’ll want to fully understand all of your options so that you can begin making your plan. We can help by offering a complimentary assessment to better understand the type of support your loved one may need. When it comes to finding your loved one the best, it’s never too early to start planning. After all, the right answer can’t come soon enough. At The Langford, we keep it simple. No entrance deposits and no confusing level of care fees. Just straight forward, month to month pricing that allows you to know what to expect for your budget- even as needs change. You have questions and we have the answers. Let’s talk.


Memory loss, whether from Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia, diminishes an individual’s ability to manage daily life. So care provided at The Langford – from dining to staffing to activities – is designed around supporting the resident in every moment, enabling them to have a successful day. Specially trained professionals work together with the resident and their family members to create structure, familiar schedules and surroundings, all in a secure and uniquely safe environment that promotes purpose and celebrates accomplishments.

Dementia refers to the loss of cognitive functions (thinking, reasoning and the ability to remember) that’s severe enough to interfere with a person’s daily functioning. Dementia itself isn’t a disease, though it often accompanies diseases like Alzheimer’s. Dementia is irreversible when caused by disease or certain injuries. It may be partially or fully reversible when caused by drugs, alcohol, depression or imbalances in substances, such as hormones or vitamins. In contrast, Alzheimer’s disease is responsible for 60-80% of dementia (per WebMD and other sources). It’s a progressive, degenerative brain disease affecting parts of the brain that control thought, memory and language. 1 in 8 people over age 65 have Alzheimer’s, and it affects women more than men.

Yes, those who provide services in this specialized area are people with a knack for working with Memory Support residents. Carefully selected staff members have the gift of being person-centered in their interactions and, given their compassionate temperament, bring exceptional patience, gentleness and a passion for consistently providing dignified and respectful care to our Memory Support residents and their families. And we train them initially and continually, with Hand to Hand Training, Music & MemorySM and Caremerge.

You’re not alone. Memory Support in College Station, TX, means The Langford – where you’ll discover kindness, understanding and real help. Find out more now.