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Working for Donuts

You've likely heard the term, “working for peanuts,” but have you ever heard of someone “working for donuts?”

Dr. John Harris, D.V.M., owned AAA Animal Clinic in Bryan where he cared for animals for over 60 years, only closing the practice once he reached his 90’s.

The veterinarian had a flare for building local relationships and striking up unique deals that were valuable to both parties. He enjoyed starting his day with a Shipley’s donut and cup of coffee, so it made sense to negotiate an exchange of goods and services with the donut shop.

Harris explained, “The guy that ran Shipley’s was a friend. He had several dogs, I don’t know how many, but I made a deal with him that I would take care of his dogs, you know his veterinary stuff, if I got a free donut a day. I never have paid for a Shipley’s donut!”

As it turns out, Harris got far more than donuts and coffee out of the deal, he got lifelong friends too. Ironically, during the interview, a gentleman walked in unannounced to visit with Harris. When asked how they knew each other they both laughed explaining that they met daily at Shipley’s, along with a table full of other guys who gathered every morning for coffee and donuts.

While the term “working for peanuts” indicates working for a disappointing level of compensation, the term “working for donuts” seems to indicate a compensation of lifelong friendships. Even the best negotiators in the world would say, that’s a pretty sweet deal!  

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