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What am I seeing that I wouldn’t normally see?

Forced to Be Still

For the past five weeks, life has seemed out of focus. My calendar has emptied, the days seem to be endless and waves of loneliness seem to rush in like a tsunami. I have needed some divine direction… and fast! It’s almost like the hand of God has given new meaning to the phrase Stop and Search. Covid-19 confinement certainly has stopped me, leaving me to search for a new way to manage my life. Thankfully, the staff at MRC The Langford has been working hard to provide some small diversions while still observing CDC protocols. But what finally brought my life back into focus, has been realizing that I have been seeing things that I wouldn’t normally see! An oft repeated scripture, “Be still and know” has kept coming to mind. Now that I have no choice but to be still, God has brought new things for me to see that I wouldn’t normally see.

Finding Friendly Faces

First on the list is the kindness of strangers. We all seem so happy just to see people walking and waving as they stroll past my balcony. Everyone has seemed more patient when waiting in line at the grocery store or gas station. May I never forget just the joy of seeing another friendly face!

Seeing the Small Things

I have more time to notice the beauty in small things, like the wildflowers on the walking trail and the lilies blooming in the abundant flower beds around the building. Seeing the joy of children riding or walking with their parents in the refreshing spring air. Hearing the song of the nesting birds nearby. Things that I have been too busy to observe in my former busy life.

Creativity in Abundance

Another thing I have been seeing is the creativity and cleverness of those around me on the phone and internet postings. My pastors have been emailing videos and devotional thoughts of encouragement now that they have a virtual audience. How special are phone calls from friends and light-hearted text messages—I am so delighted when someone says, “I miss you” because I miss them too.

In many ways, my life which was out of focus, has transformed and evolved into a clearer vision of how truly blessed I am.

Jeanne Beckman

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