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Why Active Seniors Love Senior Living Communities like MRC The Langford

Hi, I am Kathy  Deleon, Sales Director here at The Langford in College Station, a Methodist Retirement Community. I have been working in the Senior living industry since 2008. I have found a common reply when I ask folks, “why are you making this move?” and today, I’m going to share with you what I’ve heard…  

Reason #5…. It’s Convenient – a carefree, easy lifestyle

Several years ago, a couple in their early 80’s came in to see me. The Mrs. declared, “My husband retired 20 years ago, now it’s my time to retire.” I was surprised that she was still working so I asked, “where do you work?” – she said “at home….I’m tired of cleaning, cooking, shopping, meal prep – should I go on….”

At The Langford you will find services and amenities to enhance your lifestyle and free up your time to do what’s most important to you.

#4 – It’s great for your social life – friends, fun, and friendly neighbors

I have talked to so many socially isolated seniors, and I hear how they are tired of being alone and eating most meals alone. Did you know that the physical, mental and emotional benefits of staying socially engaged in your senior years are huge? Socially active seniors tend to live longer, enjoy stronger immune systems, and have a lower risk of dementia. At The Langford, you have a built-in neighborhood with lots of opportunities for conversation and social activities. As one resident told me, I wished I would have move here 5 years earlier, I love the lifestyle here. And as another resident said, “here you’ll never be alone”.

#3 It’s taking the burden of responsibility off the shoulder of my children:

Many folks have shared with me... “I don’t want to leave to my children, the mess that our parents left for us.” The Langford offers a plan for living today, but also a plan for your future health care needs. This allows you to remain in control, and stay in the driver’s seat. You will be able to tell your children; these are MY plans. Not the other way around… mom, dad, guess what, we are moving you to Houston. Stay in control, don’t let an emergency put you in a position where you are now dependent on others to make decisions for you.

#2 It’s all about having peace of mind –knowing that if something happened to you, your spouse would be cared for.  Or, if you don’t have children or family, you can rely on The Langford for your care. Here you have the ability to age in place, not having to move again. Peace of mind knowing that you made plans for your future healthcare needs.

These plans include lifetime discounts when higher level of care is needed,
such as Assisted Living, Memory Support or Skilled Nursing

The number one reason I have heard why I’m making a move here to The Langford….

#1, It’s Living Maintenance Free –stress free living –means more time for you to enjoy the things you enjoy doing! Are you tired of home repairs? Home maintenance and repairs can cost a lot of money and takes up your time. Ask yourself, is my home truly taking care of me? Or are you spending too much time taking care of your home? If your appliance breaks, we repair it, if we can’t repair it, then we will replace it. Enjoy maintenance free living here at The Langford.

One resident told me, life at The Langford is like living on a cruise ship which never leaves land!

I hope that one of these reasons resonated with you, and if not, let me hear from you. What would be your top reason to move to The Langford? Kathy, Sales Director 979-704-6606


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