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Three Reasons Why Moving out of My Home was the Right Thing for Me

The Langford’s Writers Club spent time penning the benefits that come from making the move from their home to a community and why it was the best decision for them. Three key reasons were mentioned time and time again by residents. Here is why moving out of their home and into a senior community was the right thing for them:

The move is a gift to your children, and your family.

You receive a speedy response from the maintenance team when repairs or home maintenance is needed. You don’t have to wait for your son to finish work and drive across town to help you change a lightbulb. You know that you have simplified the life of your family when you pass on, as your family will not have to worry about cleaning and selling the home.

You are blessed to have this choice.

The time to move to a community is when you are able to make the move. It is important to be able to choose the community where you would like to live, versus having someone else choose it for you. Moving when you want to, and not because you have to, makes all the difference.

It is a plan for your future

Whether you agree or not, you will need help as the years rush by. The comparison of pre-Langford expenses from taxes, home upkeep, utilities, and meals compared with monthly service fee payments is similar. The staff cheerfully take care of every need, through every step of your community journey, no matter which neighborhood you live.

The best advice comes from a resident quoting President Ronald Reagan, “Trust, but cut the cord!”

If it is your time to cut the cord and make the move to a senior living community, call The Langford today at 979.704.6600. We would love to welcome you home!

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