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Three Myths about Assisted Living

There are many things to consider when searching for an Assisted Living Community. You want to choose the community that best fits your wants and needs. Here are three myths about Assisted Living that will help you in your decision making process.

Assisted Living is expensive and there is an entrance fee.

Reality: There is no entrance fee if you move directly into an assisted living or memory care community with MRC. You are only responsible for a monthly service fee. Your assisted living monthly service fee includes meals, care, transportation, and more. The costs of living alone may outweigh the cost of living in an assisted living community when you consider medication management, assistance with activities of daily living, and home costs.

: You lose your independence.

Reality: Moving to an assisted living community can help you to regain your independence. Instead of struggling through activities of daily living alone, a helping hand assists with completing your daily tasks so you can enjoy time with friends, social gatherings, and dining. If you can still operate your vehicle safely, you do not give up your rights to drive. Many communities offer transportation to ensure you can get to your physician appointments or social events even without your own car.

Myth: All assisted living communities are equal.

Reality: All communities are different! Though many offer similar services and amenities, it is important to visit many communities to see which one is the right fit for you. Some communities offer all-inclusive rates, regardless of services provided. Other communities charge the resident for each service they provide. Deciding whether you prefer an all-inclusive or fee-for-service rate, a small or a large community, and a for-profit or a not-for-profit assisted living community can help you narrow down your search before a move.

When you are selecting your Assisted Living Community, do your homework! Be sure to ask the questions that you have been pondering. Take the time to visit and see what each community is offering to fit your needs and desires.

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