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The Top 5 Best Pieces of Advice for 2021 from the Residents at The Langford

We recently asked our residents to share their best piece of advice as we prepare for all that 2021 may hold. We have been blow away with the responses! There is no doubt, 2020 was a year no one wants to repeat, however, it seems to have taught everyone to have a new outlook on life. Here are the top 5 best pieces of advice for 2021 from the residents at The Langford.

Don’t take anything for granted

One of the most common answers was to not take anything for granted. Given, we shouldn’t be doing that, but there are times where we think nothing of the things we do or use every single day. For example; toilet paper. Who would’ve thought we would’ve ever had a shortage of toilet paper? It is something everyone uses every single day that makes us never consider the idea that we may not have it. This advice could apply towards our loved ones too. We must cherish them. COVID has taught us even the healthiest individuals could be here one day and gone the next. One resident wrote “starting today; I need to forget what’s gone, and appreciate what still remains while looking forwards to what’s coming next.” This is the energy that 2021 needs; the remembrance that great things are just around the corner, however we mustn’t forget that nothing last forever.

Be Patient

Another resident shared the importance of patience. With all of the restrictions the entire world was placed on, many individuals are eager to get out and do things. It’s vital to remember kindness as we work our way through fighting COVID and starting our lives over from a new perspective. We need to be patient with the restrictions that are asked of us. We need to be patient with customer service representatives. We need to be patient with our servers, patient with our families, patient with our friends, and most importantly patient with ourselves. This has been a new learning experience for everyone and it’s okay to not be okay sometimes. We are all learning how take on what has happened to us.

Be a blessing to others- be understanding

While it is important to have patience, it’s also important to remember that we don’t know what someone else is going through. We walk in our own shoes, not theirs. Things on the outside might not show the struggle on the inside.

Don’t worry

“If there is something to be done-do it without any need to worry; if there is nothing to be done, worrying about it further will not help,” by Dalai Lama was shared by a resident as reminder that we are allowed to focus on ourselves and what we can do in the moment. This encourages us to eat healthier, incorporate more fruits and veggies in our diet, get more exercise at whatever level we can handle and regardless, keep a positive attitude while practicing gratitude. We must trust in our savior, Jesus Christ and know that good things come to those who wait (Lamentations3:25).


One resident shared, “You belong to approximately 1% of the population. What you say and what you do, matter. Be kind, be happy, be patient, and be you. If you have to grow old, be bold! Try something new- even if it’s as foreign as journaling or making a new friend. Learn a new skill, write a memoire, grow a cactus.”


Every single piece of advice that was shared shows just how precious life is and why we must live it to the fullest. Change is all around us and overall, we must remember change is a good thing! Brighter days await us!

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