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The Power of Holiday Traditions for Older Adults

Every family has holiday traditions. Some are silly and some are sacred, but all are special...powerful even.  

Upholding these family traditions can be an important way the younger generation can honor the older generation this year, and every year. The very nature of traditions is that they connect us to our past as well as our future. These inherited customs bring with them the hope of connecting us to those who will someday uphold these rituals when we pass on. Those great-great-grandbabies you may never meet will someday participate in these same things you hold so dear, tethering together all who were and all who will be.

As you consider what traditions to include in your holiday celebrations, consider reaching out to the elders in your family to find the best ways to honor the traditions of year's past and ensure the connection from the past to the future remains intact. Whether it's singing a special song, playing a holiday game or just reciting a familiar prayer, these traditions are indeed powerful and can be especially meaningful to the elders in your life who carry with them a lifetime supply of memories related to these family customs. What a treasure trove of nostalgia they have to offer your family...past, present, and future.

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