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How Seniors can Maintain Connection When Everything is Changing

We tend to interact with fewer friends as we age. This is why meaningful friendships are key. No matter how long or short term these friendships are, you will see changes in them as you age. How can you cope with these changes? How can you create meaningful friendships as a senior?

Be patient. Understand that not only is your physical health changing, but so is the health of your friends. The morning walk around the neighborhood may instead become a visit over coffee as the mobility of friends decline. You can still enjoy the same conversation sitting around a table with friends as you once did walking the block.

Offer to help. Your friends may not ask for help, but they will appreciate it and return the favor to you. Helping a friend downsize before moving into a community, walking their dog while they are under the weather, or accompanying them on a trip to the aquarium with their grandkids will be appreciated.

Make new friends. As the old scout song sings, “Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold.” Hobbies and pastimes change as you age. Branch out from your social circle to find others who share the same interests as you. Communities and senior centers offer clubs and activities for almost any hobby you can imagine.

Pencil it in. By scheduling time with old and new friends, you can ensure you will never be ‘too busy’ to maintain friendships. By creating your own social calendar, or enjoying the benefits of a full calendar of events in a senior community, such as MRC The Langford, you will enjoy your friendships despite changes that occur as you age.

For more information on how MRC can help you maintain lifelong friendships and help create new ones, choose which healthy living community is the best fit for you: https://www.mrcaff.org/communities

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