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Senior Living – From Fear to Career

My first exposure to a “nursing home” was when I was 7 years old. As my parents and I walked down the long hallway to visit my great aunt, a woman in her evening gown walked towards me shaking her mug and yelling “COFFEE!”. I was frightened and thought, I will never come back here again. Today, I work at MRC The Langford at College Station and have never been more excited and happy about my career choice in Senior Living.

Senior living? Continuing Care Retirement Community? Independent Living? Memory Care Support?

I have a healthcare background, multiple degrees in health related fields, worked in hospitals, yet these terms were foreign to me. I never understood what senior living was, and had the common misperception of thinking it was where scary old people live, just as I saw when I was 7 years old.

Helping Others

Growing up, I always had a passion for helping people and an interest in healthcare. During my undergraduate program, I mentored refugee children from Nepal and volunteer taught healthy behaviors to 6th graders at local middle schools. I had the opportunity to serve as a medical volunteer in Peru over one summer. While I pursued my Master’s in Health Administration, I worked as a physical therapy technician and helped patients rehabilitate at a local hospital.

Throughout this whole time, I never thought of pursuing a career in senior living, nor was ever exposed to it. It wasn’t until I started my previous job at an in home care agency that I had the chance to see what senior living was truly about. Here are the top three reasons why I am passionate for serving seniors in a community.

Building relationships

Many times, seniors come to communities to gain friends and what they almost always get, are new family members. Residents become a tight knit group and find common interests, different perspectives, and newfound hobbies. As a staff member, we get to know our residents, their story, background, family members and what their passions are. One of the best things as an employee in a senior living community is that you are able to hear firsthand their experiences and gain plenty of advice for our own futures.

Fun Lifestyle / Work Environment

There is never a dull moment in a senior living community. It always feels like something is going on whether it be a Howdy Hour, community trivia, bible study, or a party with music and entertainment. I enjoy being a part of the festivities and creating a lot of memorable experiences with the residents and other staff members.

Being there for Support

As an employee, your residents are truly part of your family, and having fun with them during activities and making sure they are taken care of is a great honor. We are here to serve our residents in whatever way, including when we need to have those hard conversations about aging and when our residents start needing more care and assistance. Being there to support them emotionally and physically every step of the way makes our jobs meaningful and impactful.

My idea and perceptions were changed when I learned more about senior living. If you are like me and want to learn more about careers in senior living, reach out to us.

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