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Nutrition: An Important Part of Your Aging Story

As a senior, it is important to maintain a positive nutritional routine to promote good health and overall positive wellbeing. As one ages, there are many factors that lead to a decrease in nutrition, including: social isolation, illness, and changing taste buds. Poor nutrition in seniors can lead to increased falls, infection, and further social isolation.

How can this nutritional decline be prevented?

You can write your own aging story! Making the move to a senior community can assist in providing adequate nutrition for seniors. In independent living communities, residents are typically offered a meal plan that provides a certain number of meals each day. In assisted living and memory support communities, residents are provided three meals per day, at minimum, that meet nutritional guidelines to combat malnutrition in seniors. By making a choice to move to a continuing care retirement community, you are making the choice for good nutrition to be part of your aging story, and allow you to experience the benefits of good nutrition.

‘Retirement food’ isn’t what it used to be. Residents of The Langford enjoy a diverse menu including some of the delectable dishes you see here:


For more information on how to enjoy The Langford’s delicious signature dishes, call us at 979.704.6600.

For more information on Nutrition & Aging: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4939559/

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