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How to positively affect the world during tumultuous times

Parades, Food, Drinks and Green!

On March 17th, people around the world gather to watch parades and to toast to good health. Music is played, food and drink are dyed green, and everyone wears the same color. As a matter of fact, it is considered very unlucky to be caught not wearing the Irish green! But who is this Saint Patrick and is it really all about luck?

Uncertainty and Fear – Time for Prayer

Saint Patrick was born in Scotland around 385 AD. He lived in one of the most tumultuous times in history with uncertainty and fear the main order of the day. Unlucky for him, Saint Patrick was kidnapped and sold as a slave when he was around 16 years old. It was during this time, that he began praying day and night and he felt himself growing closer to God. He eventually found his freedom, became a Bishop, and then returned to Ireland to begin a ministry that would last around 30 years. Because of him, many churches were founded and nearly all of Ireland was converted to Christianity. Saint Patrick died in Ireland on March 17, 461 AD.

Young Boy who Impacted the World

But let’s all take note that even though a great celebration occurs around the world on March 17th in his honor, it is really not about the wearing of green or the lucky four leaf clover. We celebrate to remember this humble boy, born during a very difficult time in history, but who was transformed by God as he prayed day and night, and then guided by God to bring Christianity to the Irish people, thus impacting the whole world!

You can Leave a Legacy of Faith

But, don’t we also live in tumultuous times, with uncertainty and fear the main order of the day? And can’t we also pray day and night and grow closer to God despite the way the world looks? Let’s remember Saint Patrick a different way from now on! Let’s remember that we can grow close to God and allow Him to use us too…and we can impact the world and leave our own legacy of Faith!

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