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How one couple made downsizing easy & breezy

Bernice and Durwood Lewis are relaxed and ready for the move to their new life at The Langford, thanks to Caring Transitions. The space plan for their new flat is done, so they know exactly which furniture pieces will fit, including the huge, must-have Sleep Number bed.

Here is their story:

“We’re going to be really happy,” says Bernice Lewis of the pending move she and husband, Durwood, will make to The Langford. “It’s like being freed from the cage!”

After spending a few weeks decluttering and giving away items, Bernice was beginning to have a sinking feeling, with so much more to do. That’s when she called Jared Meyer at Caring Transitions.

Bernice is no stranger to moving. In 57 years of marriage, she and Durwood moved 17 times in 21 years when he was in the Air Force, but they have lived in their current house for the past 24 years.

“I have lots of small antiques, and I wanted to take as many as possible. When Jared came to our house, we showed him what we wanted to take with us. That was on a Tuesday. On Thursday, he presented a detailed space plan where he was able to fit everything into our new flat. I was beyond relieved when I saw that plan! His assistance has taken the dread of the move off of us, and we’re totally relaxed about it now.”

Here are some of the services Bernice loves the most:

  • They will pack and move us.
  • They will liquidate our leave-behinds for us.
  • We don’t even have to take the unwanted art off the wall!
  • We can take what we want, leave the rest, and they will handle it for us.

“Now, the closer it gets to moving day, the more we’re looking forward to it!”

To set up your own easy, breezy move, call Jared Meyer at 979-431-0520, or visit the Caring Transitions website.

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