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Home Safety Tips for Seniors

Home Safety Tips for Seniors

For most people, home is their haven.  It’s a place to relax and restore the spirit.  But a home can also be a place that presents many hazards. Therefore, it is very important to conduct a safety assessment of your home or a senior loved one’s home.

1.     Fall Hazards

.       Removing throw rugs from floor

·       Clean up piled clutter

·       Discard or donate old unused furniture

2.    Ensure a Safe Bathroom

·       Install grab bars in showers or beside toilet

·       Use special bathroom chair in shower or tub

·       Install a handheld shower head

·       Install a night light in restroom

·       Toilet seat should be between 17- 19 inches in height

3.      Keep Important Numbers Handy

·       Cell phones might become too advanced, use a basic model that makes it easier to find numbers

·       Posting important contact numbers on the refrigerator or the back of your phone that include:

         .       911

         .       Emergency contacts

         .       Family & friends

         .       Poison Control

4.     Protect Against Fires

·       Change batteries in smoke detectors regularly. Daylight savings time is March 13th, 2022. Use this         date each year as a reminder to change the time and your smoke detector batteries

·       Discourage use of space heaters

·       Remove candles and wax melts lamps, if you must get one, have it at least 3 feet away from         curtains, bedding or furniture.

Whether you’re a senior or family caregiver, assessing the home for safety will help reduce the risk of injury. Helping seniors remain independent and safe can start by following these easy suggestions.

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