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Having Peace of Mind During COVID-19 - A Family Member's Perspective

The Langford at College Station is one of a kind. I know the Pandemic has caused a lot of disruption within the Langford community as it has all over the world. When Governor Greg Abbott declared an emergency in March 2020, and ordered assisted living facilities to limit visitation, I knew I would be expecting a personal call from Kara Bayer, the AL director at The Langford, to explain the situation to me as she is always on top of her notifications to family.

My great-uncle is 93 years young and just recently managed to add gray hair to his ailments, previously having all brown hair. Jack was stricken with Alzheimer’s disease a few years ago, and I had to make the decision to move him from his home to a place where he could be taken care of properly.

Initially, I moved Jack into an assisted living facility in a different city. I struggled with their lack of awareness. I often found out about situations after the fact, like Jack falling on the floor, or not eating or bathing properly.  The activities were nefarious at best where he lived previously. Little did I know, there was a stellar facility waiting for Jack!

When I made the decision to move him closer to me, to College Station, I spoke with Alec Moreno directly after placing a call to inquire about the Langford.  Speaking with Alec was a breath of fresh air and I knew The Langford at College Station was going to be the best place for Jack.

Within the memory care unit, I speak with Kelly and Dana often and they are more than willing to help me with any questions or concerns I have. Kelly always exceeds my expectations, helping me to understand Jack’s state of mind and she proactively lets me know if any issues have come up that need to be addressed.

As I stated before, The Langford at College Station is one of a kind. The staff is attentive, courteous, and empowered by their management to do what is right for their residents and their families. I am forever grateful for their hospitality and would highly recommend The Langford to anyone looking for the best care to provide a loved one.

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