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Five Things Seniors Should do Every Day to Stay Sharp

As you age, you focus on keeping yourself healthy. Many times this means practicing physical fitness and eating healthy. Do you remember to exercise your brain as well?

  1. Get physical exercise. Exercising your muscles exercises your mind. Physical activity also increases the connections between nerves in your brain, which can help to make your brain sharper, and help it to stay that way.

  2. Be social. Socialization with others can decrease the risk of dementia, improve emotional health, and can lengthen your life expectancy.

  3. Learn. Challenge your brain with new information. Education can help to improve your memory. You don’t have to be in a classroom to keep learning. You can take up knitting, learning a new language, or even teaching others about your favorite hobby.

  4. Save your energy. Don’t waste your brain’s energy on the small things. By creating a routine of where you leave your keys, glasses, and cell phone, you save your brain’s energy for learning new concepts (remember #3!)

  5. Enjoy a healthy diet. A diet low in saturated and trans fats can not only improve your physical health, but your brain health as well. Foods rich in antioxidants can slow the aging process in your brain. Try some blueberries or raspberries the next time you are reaching for a snack. Your brain will thank you!

Have you recognized the common denominator in each of these ways to flex your brain muscles? They can all be accomplished when you reside in a senior community.

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