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A Chaplain's Ministry Story

Many people ask me if I have had any formal training to become a chaplain. And I tell them no…that I am being trained by God. I still remember the day, 3 years ago, when I was invited to an interview with the MRC management team to serve as their chaplain. I knew that God had led me there, but I was nervous because I didn’t feel    qualified.

I decided to be myself and to take God’s hand and see what He wanted to show me next. I told them that I am a woman who loves God, loves His Word, and who loves sharing His love with senior adults. I know that is a simple way to put it, but I have discovered that it’s the only qualification I really need.

As a chaplain, I provide opportunities for Bible studies and worship services. I go on hospital visits and provide end of life support. But the most important thing that I do is listen and care. It is a gift from God to get to spend time with our residents every day. I feel a deep love for them and I know it is God’s love. He fuels my compassion for them when they are struggling in any way, and it is such an  honor to pray for them.

If I have learned anything from being a chaplain, it is that I desperately need God. This role is not about what I can do, but it is always about His power and all that He can do through me. I am His vessel and I must continue to listen to Him in prayer and read His Word so He can teach me more about living out each day for Him. I am on a continual learning curve, with God as my teacher…and I must remain teachable. He doesn’t ask for perfection but He can definitely use my passion for Him. I love being the chaplain at The Langford! I can honestly say that it is one of the biggest blessings of my life to have been given this opportunity to serve the Lord in this very meaningful way.


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